Balcony systems

We offer 7 typs of standard balconies in aluminium and inox profile. We can also produce and deliver steel balconies with different types of configuration. Balconies have 3 different types of fixation – front, above and side fixation. Balconies have vertical profiles on max 11 cm. They can be filled with other materials like glass, aluminium expanded sheets, perforated sheets, all according to the client needs and design. Balconies are welded using certified MIG/MAG robot welding technology.  Aluminium balconies are post powder painted. Steel baconies are hot dip galvanized and/or wet painted. Inox balconies are sand brushed after production. Various colors are available according to the client needs.




Study Case

ILOT SAY BALCONY PROJECT – 6.400 balconies

A balcony railing has been designed for the purpose of a façade reconstruction of  five (4 + 1) 18 flat apartment buildings. The railing consists of aluminum structure which is fixed to the reinforced concrete walls and plates of the existing building. The existing reinforced concrete railings had to be removed and replaced with the new structure. The key elements of the existing architectural layout and design have been preserved.

  • On balcony the outflow of water is ensured from the patio.
  • The center pillar has the function of a flume.
  • Balconies are fixed to an existing concrete wall.

Balconies are made of  aluminum tuba and welded with a particular robotic procedure allowing the tin welding of aluminum profiles. After welding profiles are powder coated and all cut surfaces are well protected.