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Bioclimatic Pergola Agava

An outdoor space of modern design provides protection from the sun, wind, rain, snow and other elements. It guarantees exceptional quality of outdoor living. The Agava is characterised by modern design and a high level of visual and thermal comfort.

The rotating blades provide excellent protection from the sun, all the while providing beneficial ventilation. The blades are designed to channel excess water through support columns. The quality construction is made in accordance with Eurocode standards. It provides a high degree of resistance to strong wind.

Enjoy life outdoors

Design and innovations

Our design office is constantly on the lookout for new products and improvements in order to offer you perfectly suited products at the
right price. Our attention to detail makes it possible for us to create pergolas with careful finishes:


Enjoy life outdoors

PERGOLA Agava™ features and options

Protection from the sun
Effective ventilation
Watter proof and invisible drainage
Integrated infrared heating in the horizontal beams
Integrated LED lighting
Integrated sound system

To ensure optimal quality, bioclimatic pergola Agava is in accordance with the following Eurocode EN standards:

• Eurocode 0: EN 1990: Basis of Structural Design
• Eurocode 1: EN 1991: Actions on structures
• EN 1991-1-1: General actions – Densities, self-weight, imposed loads for buildings
• EN 1991-1-3: General actions – Snow loads
• EN 1991-1-4: General actions – Wind actions
• EN 1991-1-5: General actions – Thermal actions
• Eurocode 3: EN 1993: Design of steel structures
• Eurocode 8: EN 1998: Design of structures for earthquake resistance
• Eurocode 9: EN 1999: Design of aluminium structures
• Eurocode corresponding national annexes
• EN 1090: Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures

Enjoy life outdoors

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Bioclimatic pergola Agava

Where to use lamela pergola AGAVA

AGAVA SL  –  beautiful terrace for home

The Bioclimatic Pergola Agava SL is a modern outdoor living area designed to perfectly fit into the environment. It can provide exceptional quality of life in the open air with a high degree of visual and thermal comfort. It can be a terrace covering or a stand-alone facility in the back yard. The rotating blades protect perfectly against overheating, all the while providing beneficial ventilation.

 AGAVA  XL –  perfect  covering for restaurants, hotels and other large areas

The Bioclimatic Pergola Agava XL is the perfect solution for covering very large areas, such as restaurants, exhibition spaces, terraces in front of hotels, kindergarten playgrounds and many other large areas. With the use of steel profiles in the XL Pergola structure you gain more freedom in designing the perfect solution for your space. You can have greater spans, less visible columns, bigger overhangs and a more elegant and sleek look. Agava XL can also include a stronger lamella – XL blade, which is capable of bridging a span up to 6.5 meters.

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