Freestanding pergola plans and designs

Throughout the years, there’s been a lot of different outdoor backyard structure types, each with different purposes, different meanings and various downsides. However, the very nature of an outdoor structure has always been about freestanding constructions. This is true for pergolas, as well – while there are a lot of different pergolas that can be attached to a house or other building, the freestanding pergola is the classic idea for this structure type.

Freestanding pergola represents the bare bones of the original outdoor structure idea – four goalposts and an adjustable roof, with no additional support from anything else. While this setup might seem like there’s not much to work with, there’s been a lot of different ways that people managed to utilize this pergola type. Next we’ll go over some of the examples of a freestanding pergola in different environments.

Our first example from Ljubljana is the simplest one out of all, it’s your regular freestanding pergola without anything else. The area inside of a pergola doesn’t even have a dedicated flooring to begin with. This structure is still capable of providing the basic pergola-related needs: capable of keeping shade at bay on sunny days, and protecting users from harsh weather conditions like rain.

Of course, the general idea of a pergola as a part of the backyard can be greatly enhanced by a number of things, as shown in this example from France. In this case a pergola is used as a cover for a specific recreational area near a small pond. You can also see a dedicated flooring for the area under a pergola, as well as comfortable sitting arrangements to enhance the general atmosphere.

Another example of free standing pergola plans is shown in the example above, depicting a backyard area in the Netherlands. In this case the pergola itself is equipped with side covers from three sides, so it’s capable of creating a space that’s far more protected from outside weather conditions than usual. This allows for a lot more use cases for a freestanding pergola, from your regular recreational area to something that’s basically another room outside of the house.

Free standing pergola plans are not single backyard-specific, either, there’s plenty of examples from different areas, as well, including the example above, showing the outdoor area in the Netherlands. In this case it’s an outdoor restaurant area that serves a multitude of purposes, including the overall expansion of the sitting area for clients, the modern pergola look and the ability to adapt to various weather conditions thanks to the changeable pergola agava roof.

One more example of a pergola utilized by a restaurant comes from Switzerland. As you see, there’s barely anything in terms of pergola customization, so the fresh air can freely come inside of a pergola, and the sitting arrangements are there to make the experience even more comfortable.

It’s important to mention that all of the examples above are featuring a special pergola type that’s made from aluminum. The utilization of such a material allows for a plethora of advantages, from the modern look of the structure, to the overall durability and the lack of maintenance work needed in general.