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XL Lifting Panels for BNP Bank in Paris. 

Soltec project in France. 

ALU balconies

380 m


360 pieces

Glass balconies

160 m

NET system construction

100 m²

Wall and window covers

100 pieces

Perforated aluminium closets

29 pieces

A beautiful rustic house with a brown pergola.

No, a bioclimatic pergola is not just for modern buildings. The client has a wooden house with a stone façade, to which the brown bioclimatic pergola goes really well.

SL 240/60

ZIP rollos

LED lights

2 terraces, 2 Soltec bioclimatic pergolas

Do you have several terraces on your property that you want to protect? We have installed 2 bioclimatic pergolas on a brand new apartment building in Brežice. One terrace will be used for lunch and the other for evening entertainment and watching movies.

SL 170/28

Dimensions 3300 x 6000 mm.

SL 160/28

Dimensions 2700 x 4000 mm.

ZIP Rollo

Rain sensor

LED lights

The strongest pergola model with the addition of glass panels.

Soltec pergola SL 240/60, which can handle up to 600 kg of snow per m², made for a customer in Austria. Due to the harsh weather conditions, we chose the strongest model of the pergola, and with the addition of glass panels, the terrace can be used all year round.


SL 240/60

Strongest pergola model.

Glass panels

The terrace is sheltered from all sides.

White colour

 Pergola blends perfectly into its surroundings.

We provide a complete solution for your terrace.

Do you have a high exit from your house to the terrace and need help with the stairs? We can help you and build a substructure at the height of the patio door, so that the whole exit to the patio is at the same height. With the addition of a balcony railing and a Soltec bioclimatic pergola, the result is a superb terrace, usable in all seasons. 

SL 160/28

Pergola in dimensions 3000 x 5000 mm.

2 ALU sliding panels

Greater protection and aesthetic element of the pergola.


Custom made at the dimensions of your terrace.

Balcony railings

In anthracite colour, to go perfectly with the pergola.

Soltec bioclimatic pergola at a petrol station.the restaurant at the petrol station needed a canopy.

The bioclimatic pergola proved to be the perfect solution, while the side panels, which can be moved at will, add to the comfort on the terrace.

SL 170/36

2 modules of pergola

Wooden sliding panels

Offers additional protection

LED light

For a pleasant atmosphere in the evening

8 Soltec pergolas and subreakers for a luxury villa.

The owner has designed a superb villa in the romantic seaside town of Rovnij. Each apartment has a private terrace and each has a white Soltec pergola and Soltec sunbreakers. The pergolas provide a high quality of living on the terrace and microclimate on hot summer days.

SL 170/36

8 Soltec pergolas

ZIP Rollos

For extra protection

LED lights

For cosy evenings


12 green pergolas in a modern housing estate.

The architect in Ljubljana has designed a contemporary village for young families. Houses that have a terrace or balcony are protected by a Soltec bioclimatic pergola, which offers complete and long-lasting protection. The green pergolas blend perfectly with the modern look of the brown houses. The architect has added value to the property with the pergolas, allowing families to enjoy a comfortable space on the terrace.

SL 160/28

12 modules


Pergolas for terrace


Pergolas for balcony

Soltec bioclimatic pergola Agava for restaurant.

The large terrace of a restaurant in Poljčane did not have any weather protection to protect the guests. The owner of the restaurant decided to install an anthracite grey Soltec bioclimatic pergola, which offers her guests the ultimate comfort in all weather conditions.

Soltec bioclimatic pergola for kindergarden.

A kindergarten in the centre of the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, has a terrace at the top. Because the terrace is at the top of the building, weather conditions there can be particularly unpredictable, and it doesn’t offer any shade. It’s especially important for young children to be protected from the strong rays of the sun when they play at the terrace. At Soltec, we’ve solved 2 problems with 8 pergola modules:

  • the children are protected from the sun in the summer,
  • in the winter months, they still get plenty of light in the indoor playroom.

Children are protected from the sun in summer and still have plenty of light in the indoor playroom during the winter months.

SL 170/36

A stronger pergola model

8 modules

Several modules to cover a large terrace

Protection and light

Light in winter, shade in summer

Complete solution: Soltec bioclimatic pergola with glass, balcony and substructure.

Introducing the Soltec bioclimatic pergola with glass and balcony railing.

The terraced house in Ljubljana had only an exit to the garden and no terrace. The young family was looking for an all-in-one solution – a terrace with safety railings and a retractable roof that would offer maximum light in the house.

At Soltec, we designed a complete terrace for the family and met all their requirements: we built the substructure of the terrace and added balcony railings and a bioclimatic pergola with glass. The pergola, which also has a section covered with glass in addition to the blades, allows maximum light efficiency even when the blades are closed. This is a perfect solution for not only light but also heat transmission during the colder months. At Soltec, our integrated solution has provided the family with a safe terrace in the heart of the city, allowing them to enjoy and relax in any weather or season.


Balcony railings

Bioclimatic pergola with glass

Andrea, owner of the house: “Our terrace was useless before the installation of the terrace and the bioclimatic pergola, because it always got too much sun and there was no canopy to protect us in bad weather. We did not want a “classic” canopy, as we were concerned about the poor light efficiency in the apartment due to the smaller windows. We chose Soltec because they were the only company on the market that offered a bioclimatic pergola solution with glass. From the beginning to the end of the purchase process, they handled the whole process professionally, adapting to our wishes and requirements as much as possible. I am happy to recommend them further.”

Soltec sliding panels for concrete canopy.

The customer contacted us because they had an existing canopy that did not offer full protection from rain, wind and sun. We manufactured and installed 4 sliding aluminium panels, which offer protection from the weather, give the family privacy and also fit perfectly with the new house.

The panels can be moved at will to adjust the light. A great solution when you have a canopy but it doesn’t offer enough side protection and privacy.

Rain protection

Sun protection

Wind protection


For a residential project in France, we at Soltec developed, manufactured and installed sliding and fixed panels.

1800 m2 of panels

Sliding and fixed panels in front of the concrete plates.

96 pieces

Motorised rotating wooden sunbreakers.

Top quality Soltec bioclimatic pergola with complete equipment for the sophisticated buyer in Austria.

A modern house with a huge terrace but no protection from the strong sun, rain and wind? The terrace was useless until the installation of the Soltec bioclimatic pergola Agava, which offers protection against all weathers. The pergola has been equipped with many extras to make outdoor living even better.

SL 170/28

3 modules of Soltec pergola.

ZIP Rollos

4 integrated ZIP Rollos.

Glass panels

Glass panels offer protection from wind and rain without spoiling the view.


Rain and wind sensor.


Heater that allows you to stay on the terrace even in colder weather.

LED lights

6 LED lights for total comfort at the night.

A Soltec bioclimatic pergola that fits beautifully with modern architecture.

Soltec bioclimatic pergola and balcony as a complete terrace solution.

At Soltec, we don’t just make shades. For this project, we also made a balcony railing in a matching colour, in addition to the bioclimatic pergola.

SL 160/28

2 modules in dimensions 2580 x 3830 mm.

Balcony railing

Soltec balcony railing and bioclimatic pergola, for a complete terrace solution.

Different colours for the frame and blades

RAL 7016 for the frame and RAL 9006 for the blades.

Special water drainage

2 x ZIP Rollo

ZIP Rollo for protection against rain, wind, insects and neighbours.

A large Soltec bioclimatic pergola Agava to cover the restaurant terrace.

The Roman Baths are a well-known destination for the ultimate in relaxation and enjoyment. The complex with swimming pool, wellness area, hotel and restaurant has a terrace with a magnificent view of the surrounding hills. However, the terrace was not sheltered, so guests could not enjoy the outdoors in inclement weather conditions.

The Soltec bioclimatic pergola made of 7 modules protects them from rain, strong sun and snow. For enjoying culinary pleasures in all weathers.

SL 170/28

8 modules of Soltec pergola in dimensions 3360 x 3800 mm.

LED lights

16 integrated LED lights.

RAL 9006

Pergola in elegant white colour to match the hotel’s green façade.

Large areas

The perfect durable solution for restaurants and large business areas.

A project in Brdo, Ljubljana, where we equipped apartments with motorised ZIP shutters.

Soltec bioclimatic pergola mounted in a concrete frame, wothout pillars. 

The client had a concrete frame with polycarbonate panels on top as shading. Unfortunately, the terrace underneath them was very overheated and it was impossible to sit underneath them even in weak sunshine, let alone in summer. But we fixed the bioclimatic pergola in a concrete base and now the family enjoys the terrace even in strong sun and rain.

Marko and Sabrina said about Soltec bioclimatic pergola Agava:” Pergola is perfect and we are really very satisfied!”

See how the family enjoys the terrace in the video and pictures below.

SL 170/28

Pergola model suitable for covering areas up to 4000 x 7000 mm.

Type 0

A type of pergola without pillars, mounted in an existing frame of the canopy.

Special drainage

Special drainage as the pergola has no pillars.

Rain sensor

Rain sensor that automatically closes the pergola in case of rain.

LED lights

Integrated LED lights in warm white colour, 1000 mm long.

White, elegant pergola with complete equipment for a house on the Croatian coast.

At sea, when temperatures are even warmer, a canopy on the terrace is a must. However, not every shade is suitable for seaside weather conditions. A wooden canopy is not a permanent solution because of the salt, and umbrellas are useless because of the wind. Our customer therefore chose the Soltec quality Agava pergola, which works perfectly in seaside weather conditions. When the slats open, the air circulates and it is pleasant to sit under the pergola even in hot summer temperatures. The customer later decided to add glass panels so that the bioclimatic pergola could also be used in autumn and winter.

SL 170/28

A stronger model for even more safety and comfort.

ZIP Rollo

Zip Roller for side protection.

Glass panels

The addition of glass panels will keep the pergola usable even in the colder months.

LED lights

Led lighting for pleasant evening brightness on the terrace.

A terrace with a beautiful view, protected by a Soltec pergola.

A bioclimatic pergola on the terrace creates a new living space. If you were previously chased off the terrace by the blazing sun or the pouring rain, you can enjoy the bioclimatic pergola in all weathers. The client wanted to enjoy the beautiful views offered by the terrace, but also to be protected from any unpleasant weather conditions. He chose the Soltec bioclimatic pergola, which is a durable and reliable solution.

SL 160/28 

2 modules of Soltec pergola to cover a larger area.

2x ZIP Rollo

Zip rollos for even more protection against wind, sun and rain.

Wind sensor

Wind sensor for severe weather conditions.

See the terracce in video below.

Premium comfort on your home terrace.

A dreamy terrace that invites you to enjoy it. Solid aluminium construction that fits perfectly to the new house.

SL 170/28

A stronger model for even more safety and comfort.

2 Pillars

Installation with only two pillars.


RAL 7016 for the framework and RAL 9006 for the lamellas.

In Domžale city, Slovenia we did the project Soltec bioclimatic pergola Agava for the home terrace.

The terrace was previously useless as it had no canopy. The owners decided to add a Soltec bioclimatic pergola to the new building to protect them from the rain and the strong sun. However, as they have a terrace in front of the living room, it was important for them to be able to let in as much light as possible during the winter. They therefore decided to choose a bioclimatic pergola with rotating slats rather than a conventional canopy.

SL 160/28

Soltec bioclimatic pergola in dimensions 3000 x 5787 mm.

LED lights

4 LED lights, 1000 mm lenght, for for reading light.


DB 703 for the framework and RAL 9006 for the lamellas.

The complete solution

A durable solution for all weather conditions.

Soltec Terrace – the Camping Solution

Designed for enjoyment and built to last!

At Soltec, we make more than just pergolas – we present our mobile home solution, which includes the production of a complete terrace in addition to the pergola.

Every mobile home needs a terrace. It will become the main living space of your precious holiday days with a carefully thought-out design.


No other terrace offers such freedom and luxury as Soltec’s design-led terrace with innovative solutions and modern details.


The efficient solution ensures an extremely high level of living comfort, temperature and light regulation and natural ventilation. It offers the ideal combination of comfort and privacy.


With the help of smart solutions, the user can easily manage the terrace even remotely, via their mobile phone.


At Soltec we offer a one-stop service. We design the entire terrace, from the terrace substructure to the bioclimatic pergola, the alu fence and all the accessories. The materials used guarantee an extremely long service life.

The terrace with Soltec bioclimatic pergola offers superior outdoor living and effective protection from the elements:

  • Soltec bioclimatic pergola SL 240/36
  • 4 x integrated motorised ZIP roller
  • balcony protection fence
  • walkway structure
  • 7 x LED lights
  • Daisy telephone control


25 premium mobile homes with Soltec pergola Agava

The campsite owner wanted a top-quality mobile home and a top-quality pergola in front of it.

Isn’t it the best feeling when you wake up in the pure peace of nature, with only the sky above you? Or in this case, the sky and the Soltec pergola Agava with rotating slats that make it easy to let the sun in or out of the room?

The campsite owner wanted a top-quality mobile home and a top-quality pergola in front of it. So he chose Soltec pergola Agava.

For this mobile house project, in the beautiful town of Rovinj on the Croatian coast.

Visitors to the campsite now enjoy the safety of Soltec balconies and the comfortable shade of the Soltec pergola Agava.


Soltec pergola Agava

ZIP roller blinds



Project Balconies

Over the years, we have completed many major construction projects. Some particularly interesting ones are in France.

For this project we made 1218 balconies with a drainage system through a central supporting pole.

A balcony railing has been designed for the purpose of a façade reconstruction of 5 aparments buildings, each with 18 flats. The railing consists of aluminum structure which is fixed to the reinforced concrete walls and plates of the existing building. The existing reinforced concrete railings had to be removed and replaced with the new structure. The key elements of the existing architectural layout and design have been preserved.

Balconies are made of aluminum tuba and welded with a particular robotic procedure allowing the tin welding of aluminum profiles. After welding profiles are powder coated and all cut surfaces are well protected.

On balcony the outflow of water is ensured from the patio.

The center pillar has the function of a flume.

Balconies are fixed to an existing concrete wall.


The biggest bioclimatic Pergola in Europe

For our client – car dealership company in Switzerland, we made the biggest bioclimatic pergola in Europe.

Our customer first wanted a fixed canopy, but he didn’t want his cars to always be in the shade. Because that way he wouldn`t be able to present them to the costumers in the best way possible. He was looking for a solution that would give his cars safety when he needed it and a lot of light when he wanted it. Solution was Soltec. Our team of experts has taken on the project and designed the largest bioclimatic pergola in Europe.

Soltec bioclimatic pergola is fully automatic and the blades rotate according to the position of the sun. It also has sensors for rain and wind, so the costumer never has to worry, as the blades open and close automatically, according to the weather.

We have completed the project from concept to design, structural engineering, manufacturing and installation.

Pergola is 1.300m2 big

It has 2.350 blades

It weights 38 tons

Its fixated on only 19 poles

Has 100 integrated LED lights

Is driven by 106 motors


Alu sunbreakers facade system

For our client Faculty of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering and Faculty of Computer & Information Science we made this custom made project.

The facade has a size of 6000 m2 and includes 70 tons of steel and 80 tons of aluminum. The facade of the automatic control provides effective protection against overheating of the object, but the rooms are well lit with natural high transparency. We have taken a holistic approach to the project.

Students and professors of the faculty can now enjoy the safe shade of Soltec’s dynamic façade.