April 8, 2013

New products – membrane constructions and decorative membrane facades.

We are developing new products – membrane constructions and decorative membrane facades. On the building of Center Magma X in Nova Gorica, we have installed a projecting roof of 120 m2 and a 180 m2 facade.

Membrane constructions

Membrane constructions are composed of steel and special polyester membranes. The steel shapes the form of the membrane and also provides static support and wind resistance. The membranes can withstand wind pressure of up to 180 km/h. Polyester membranes protect from rain, snow, wind and sunlight.
Membrane constructions allow for unlimited design and composition options. Their use is highly extensive, from roofs and projecting roofs to facades, fences… Their functionality can be further improved by installing electrical motor mechanisms.

Decorative membrane facades

Decorative membrane facades let you freely develop a wide range of creative and aesthetical solutionswhich significantly improve the appearance of the building.
Decorative membrane facades employ netted polyester materials that provide window transparency from the inside out. Materials vary in structure, color, decoration and photo print.