Carport+Box SL 240

Shield your vehicle with:

Carport+Box SL

High performance
of solid profiles without visible screws.

In Inox and Aluminium
All standard parts and screws are in inox, construction in aluminium.

With or without additional storage space.

Additional side walls.

Excellent for:


gardening storage

bike storage

excercise equipment storage

home brewery


Technical details

Roof cover Insulated panel 3 cm
Frame 240/150
Secondary beam profile 150/50
Pole 150/150
Max width 6000 mm
+ Box dimensions 6 m x 1.2 m – 6 m x 3.3 m (7 m2 – 19 m2)
Max lenght on 3 poles* 8000 mm
Instalation – 4 or 6 poles Selfstanding
Instalation – up to 3 poles Wallmounted
Foot type (optional: painting or inox) External 150 – galvanized
N° of water exits 2
Max snow load (secondary beam profile on 1200 mm) 100 kg/ m2
Max snow load (secondary beam profile on 600 mm) 160 kg / m2
* Max distance between poles 4,7 m.
Roof inclination

Carport roof has to be assembled with minimum 2° inclination for the water evacuation to function properly, towards the oposite side from the car entrance.

Water exit

Water exit are on P1 and P2. Water exit is only toward poles P1 and P2. oles are of different hight.

High corrosion resistance

Frame parts are made exclusively of aluminium and stainless steel.



Carport structure is designed using the Eurocode standards. It is assembled according to EN 1090 standard. The prescribed maximal loads are calculated for two different scenarios, for maximal load of 90kg/m2 and 160 kg/m2. These loads are already multiplied by safety factors and include wind and snow loads.