Sunbreakers E

The blades of the sunbreaker E are made of extruded aluminium, which is even more resistant to hail and are particularly suitable for jutting roofs. Two different dimensions of sunbreaker E are available.

Soltec sunbreaker E type E210

  • type E210 represents ellipsoid blades with dimensions 210 x 30 mm with wings that have a better overlapping function

Soltec sunbreaker E type E310

  • type E310 also represents the elliptical blades with dimensions 310 x 35 mm, which are suitable for larger surfaces of up to 4.5 m when set horizontally
Sunbreakers E


Sunbreakers E


Sunbreakers E

Technical data

Profile thickness of sunbreakers E

Approximately: 1,6 mm.

Installation of Sunbreakers E

On vertical and horizontal façade surfaces.

The drive or regulation of blades

Blades can be set in fixed position or regulated by using a motor drive.

Sunbreakers E

Treatment of materials

Treatment of aluminium and steel materials

  • the surface of aluminum is treated with RAL scale powder coating
  • colour type can be either sheen, matt or fine grain – microstructure
  • surface protection can also be ensured by anodising
  • the surface of the steel is hot-dip galvanized and, if necessary, powder coated