Venetian blind Mirror

Soltec Mirror Blinds use special “Daylight” retro-technology, which protects from the sun and utilizes daylight at the same time. By using Soltec Mirror Blinds we can control the direction of sunlight. The part of sunlight which overheats the interior is directed outside. As a result the interior is cooled naturally, saving us air-conditioning energy costs. At the same time daylight is directed inside towards the ceiling, which illuminates the room. Using this principle, the room conserves natural daylight which is of utmost importance for the quality of life, as well as saving us on artificial lighting costs. By controlling the angle of Soltec RETRO Mirror Blinds we control the direction of sunlight, consequently preventing overheating all the while optimally lighting
the interior.

From concept to delivery

Soltec offers a total service including surveys, design, structural calculations, manufacture and installation support. The typical key steps along the way are:


We work with you from creating concepts
through to detail design stage – from the
earliest stages we provide comprehensive
design resources.


Some of our clients want the cheapest solution;
others want our help to add value to a project
or development. To some “value engineering”
means make it cheaper; to us “true value
engineering” means identifying ways to make it
better or maintain aesthetics whilst reducing or
minimising the cost.


We are proud of the value built into every
one of our products. Soltec is committed to
bringing you products of the highest quality
and value. We stand behind our products, with
quick responsive service and a comprehensive


Involve Soltec at an early stage and we can
help you design the best solution. We’ve
spent years developing details to make better
solutions, and now we’re launching a series of
innovations that truly define the best shading
and balcony solutions.


When you involve us from an early design
stage we continually assess to make sure
that we can fabricate your product efficiently.
We plan to ensure materials are right and
timescales are workable.


Venetian blind Mirror