External or internal roller shades

Roller blinds

Exterior roller shades – types V, K, SKY K, ZIP

If the roller is mounted on the outer side of the window and a transparent thermal screen screen is selected, this may stop up to 95% of the sun’s thermal energy from entering the room and thus prevent overheating. There is a variety of fabrics available in an assortment of different colours, translucency and heat insulation. External dimming screens can be used for total blackout and thermal insulation at the same time. External roller shades come in aluminum cassettes and guides, or integrated into the facade.

Interior roller shades – type M

Interior roller shades are a very economical way of shading. Effective mainly in protecting against glare and UV rays, while providing high-quality diffuse light in the room. You can choose between different types and colors of canvas, which determine transparency, brightness and protection against overheating. Interior rollers are very effective in cases where absolute blackout is needed, which is achieved by using dimming screens.

Horizontal roller shades – types VARIO (exterior), GARDEN (interior)

For shading of horizontal roof glass surfaces, we use two systems, interior shading by use of the ‘garden system’ and exterior shading by use of the ‘vario system’.

External or internal roller shades

Roller blind catalogues

External or internal roller shades

Roller blinds product list

Roller M

Suitable for indoor use, allows the possibility of using thin semi-transparent or dimming screens.

Roller V

Suitable for outdoor and indoor use, up to a width of 5 meters.

Roller K

Suitable for outdoor use.

Roller SKY K

Particularly suitable for outdoor use and shading large façade surfaces.

Roller ZIP

Suitable for exterior use. Ideal solution when you require efficient, simple and durable window shading.

Roller VARIO

Suitable for exterior use. Ideal solution for winter gardens and other glas surfaces.


Suitable for indoor use. Ideal solution for horizontal glass surfaces.


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