Folding panels

Folding panels are a reflection of contemporary architecture and an important element in the aesthetic design of a building. They offer a wide range of options, implementing various materials and colours. Folding panels can be used to either blur or enhance the visible separation between glass and façade.


The construction of panels consists of various aluminium profiles and guides. These are inlaid with materials such as aluminium or wooden slats of different shapes and dimensions, aluminium sheet metal or perforated metal, sheet metal perforated in a shape or pattern chosen by the customer, Soltis canvas optionally printed with a customer’s design, or various expanded meshes. Panels can be controlled manually by pushing them to the left or right and locking them in the final position. Alternativelly, panels can be moved left or right using a toothed belt motor. The motor is controlled by a switch, either individually or, if centralized, using a remote control connected with the central control system.

The maximum dimensions for folding panels 600 x 3000 mm.