Lifting panels

Lifting panels offer high functionality and security while providing the highest degree of design, convenience and quality. In range of lifting panels we offer two different typs: type LP 5O  for window and type LP 100 for door.

Lifing panels LP 50 for window are made of alu L frame in dimension 50mm x 50mm, inox hinges and aluminium side guides in dimension 50 mm x 50mm. Lifting panels are driven by tooth belt mechanism and tubolar motor.  Dimension of panels LP 50 can reach from 1000mm x 1000 mm up to 3000 x 3000 mm.

Lifting panels LP 100 for door are made of steel profiles, L frame dimension 80mm x 80mm and side guides dimension 100mm x 100mm. Lifting door panels are driven by motor with screw mechanism and motor. Dimension of  panels LP 50 can reach from minimum 1000mm x 2000 mm up to 3000mm x 6000mm. Both types of panels can be filled in with different types of material such as aluminium slats, wood slats, expanded metal sheets, aluminium or composite sheets.

DimensionsLP 50LP 100
Max. width (mm)30006000
Min. width (mm)7001000
Max. hight (mm)30003000
Min. hight (mm)15001500
Max. square (m2)918