Outer protection with added value


Sunbreakers are an attractive system of ensuring living comfort in buildings. These are aluminium profiles of ellipsoid or rectangular shape, fixed or adjustable, mounted on an aluminum or steel construction in front of the glass facade of the building. Fixed slat sunbreakers are often used as an aesthetic solution for envelopping the entire building or part of it, even in places where there are no glass surfaces.

They provide excellent protection against overheating, are energy-saving and offer the possibility of regulating light inside the room. Sunbreakers protect against glare while providing a high level of transparency and are also distinguished by stability in high winds, hail resistance and exceptionally long service life.


We offer different types of Soltec™ sunbreakers

Sunbreaker E

resistant Soltec Sunbreakers.

Sunbreaker F

as an element of the façade and closing of roofing.

Sunbreaker Q

external protection with added value.

Wooden sunbreakers

For special projects, made of wood profiles mostly with use of Siberian larch.

Custom made sunbreakers

There is always room for something new in sunbreaker area.


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