Venetian blinds

At the same time they provide sufficiently indirect and diffuse light in the room. The important difference that sets blinds apart from other shading systems is that light and transparency in the room can be regulated by slanting the slats. Adjustments are easily made. Some models enable total blackout, protection against burglary and high stability in wind.

External blinds can be installed into visible external masks or concealed masks which can be made from aluminum or galvanized steel. All models can be integrated into the facade, ensuring installation without thermal bridges. The slats come in a number of different colours and shapes. All guides can be colour coordinated to your requirements in any RAL colour. A mosquito screen can be integrated into the exterior blinds system. Blinds can be regulated by hand (winch) or by motor drive.

Venetian blinds

We offer different types of venetian blinds

Venetian blind LUX

The Soltec LUX blinds protect against overheating, ensure optimal transparency and indirect light inside the room.

Venetian blind Z90

The slats of the Soltec Z90 exterior venetian blinds have a specific shape and are 90mm wide, perfectly fitting one on top of the other.

Venetian blind S80

Trapezoid 80 mm slats are fixed to the textile ladder and lifting tape, which allow rotation of the slats around their axis and lifting or lowering.

Mirror venetian blind RETRO

Exceptional products for energy efficient envelopes of buildings.

Advantages of external venetian blinds

Protection from adverse weather conditions

Venetian blinds offer great balance between protection from overheating and preventing thermal solar energy from entering the interior

Regulation of daylight

The use of blinds ensures indirect and diffused light in the interior. By rotating the slats, we can efficiently regulate daylight and transparency in the room.

Adjustments to your needs

Some types of our blinds ensure total blackout, protection from burglary and stability in windy conditions.

Venetian blinds

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