A dynamic façade for the challenges of the seaside environment – a well-thought-out solution for the Blu Mare Hotel

A dynamic façade for the challenges of the seaside environment – a well-thought-out solution for the Blu Mare Hotel

On the Croatian coast, where the Mediterranean sun meets the Istrian stone, the new Blu Mare resort is built. Its unique, dynamic façade, made up of hand-driven sliding panels, is not only an aesthetic highlight, but also offers a range of functional benefits that provide guests with total comfort all year round.


These innovative sliding panels are a clever solution to the challenges of the seaside environment, preventing overheating in summer, allowing pleasant indirect light, protecting against wind, reducing noise and allowing privacy. The contemporary design blends harmoniously into the architecture of the old town while offering a unique visual effect. The panels are made of top quality materials and the manual operation makes it easy and quick to create the perfect living comfort. The Blu Mare project in Novigrad is an outstanding example of innovative architecture that builds on tradition with technological solutions and offers a sophisticated solution for comfortable living in a marine environment.


Following the architect’s conceptual design, the Soltec team took care of the entire process: from the project team’s consultation with the client, to the preparation of technical and structural documentation, production, installation and project management.

Challenge: A functional and aesthetically sophisticated façade that withstands the marine climate

The architects faced two key challenges with Blu Mare. Firstly, they needed to create a façade that would withstand the strong wind gusts typical of a coastal area. Wind speeds in Novigrad can reach up to 160 km/h, which poses a major challenge to the structural stability of the façade. Secondly, the façade had to be aesthetically compatible with the architecture of the old town and at the same time offer a modern design.

The project was carried out in accordance with the building profession, which means the sequence of the process from the architect’s conception, the project team’s consultation with the client, the preparation of technical and structural documentation, production, installation and project management – all carried out by the Soltec team. The project was delivered on time and on budget. The client is very satisfied with the result.

Innovative solution: sliding panels that combine functionality and aesthetics

The cooperation with the Randić i suradnici / Atelier West architectural office has been extremely fruitful and has resulted in a unique solution that exceeds expectations. A team of engineers and architects, in collaboration with the client, developed an innovative sliding panel system that meets all the project requirements. The total surface area of the installed panels is 400 m2 and the overall system is characterised by:

  • tall and rigid panels: despite the panels’ exceptional height – up to 350 cm – their thoughtfully designed construction ensures stability even in windy conditions – wind resistance.
  • unique locking of the sliding panels in extreme positions: a patented spring steel locking system prevents the panels from being accidentally opened or closed by strong winds. The locks have been dimensioned and tested by Soltec to ensure maximum durability and smooth operation.
  • manual sliding panels: convenient manual operation of the panels allows easy opening and closing on the entire triple-guide system.
  • materials and paint for seaside climate: all materials used are resistant to UV rays, salt water and temperature extremes. The colour of the sliding panels has been carefully selected to blend harmoniously into the surroundings.
  • clamping of the panels for smooth operation over a wide temperature range: a specially designed clamping system allows the sliding panels to expand and contract with temperature fluctuations, preventing deformation and ensuring smooth operation.
  • specially treated panels: ensure aesthetically refined details and resistance to weathering and frequent use.


The sliding panels are reminiscent of the traditional Istrian shutters, known in these parts by various names such as škodle, pršule or letnice. Modern technology ensures that the panels move smoothly, easily and comfortably by hand.

Comfort all year round: tailor-made sunlight

Although restrained at first glance, Blu Mare’s dynamic façade is vibrant and different every day. But first and foremost, it is designed with the user in mind. Sliding panels allow sunlight to be regulated, preventing the rooms from overheating in the summer months and ensuring pleasant, glare-free lighting. During the winter months, the panels can be opened to let warm sunlight into the room. In addition, the façade protects against wind and reduces noise from the surrounding area, which further contributes to the comfort of the guests. And of course there is the element of privacy that the panels allow without blocking the view of the setting sun over the Adriatic.


The Blu Mare project is a fine example of innovative architecture that combines functionality, aesthetics and sustainability. It offers a solution to the challenges of modern construction in a seaside environment, while creating a unique and comfortable living experience.


The dynamic façade of the Blu Mare Hotel is another example of the innovative solutions offered by Soltec. With experience and expertise, the company works with architects, builders and investors to realise their visions and create unique spaces that combine aesthetics, functionality and sustainability.




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FAQ – pogosto zastavljena vprašanja

A dynamic façade is a system of movable panels that allow sunlight regulation, ventilation and privacy control. In the case of Blu Mare Hotel, the façade protects against overheating in summer, provides pleasant, glare-free lighting and lets in warm sunlight in winter. It also provides protection against wind and noise and allows privacy to be controlled without obstructing the view of the sea.

The façade consists of frames and panels made of different materials. The choice of materials depends on the desired functionality and aesthetic expression.

The façade is manually operated by moving the panels left and right.

  • A constantly changing image: the sliding panels are constantly moving and adapting to the sun, creating an ever-changing, dynamic façade. This not only aesthetically enriches the building, but also ensures optimum shading throughout the day.
  • Functional aesthetics: Each façade element has a dual function – aesthetic and functional. The design of the panels not only complements the architecture of the building, but also allows for efficient sunlight regulation, ventilation and privacy control.

Soltec works closely with the architects at all levels of the project to ensure that their vision of a dynamic façade is fully realised. This includes:


  • Understanding the concept: carefully study the architect’s ideas, sketches and plans to fully understand their concept and vision for the façade.
  • Technical feasibility: assess the technical feasibility of the architect’s ideas and propose possible solutions to challenges that may arise during construction.
  • Material selection: works with the architects to select appropriate materials for the façade that are aesthetically sophisticated, functional and sustainable.
  • Fabrication and installation: arrange for the fabrication and installation of façade elements in accordance with the architect’s specifications and the highest quality standards.
  • Testing and maintenance: performs testing of the façade to ensure that it is functioning properly and provides maintenance instructions to ensure that the façade remains stunning and functional for many years to come.