Roller blinds K

For outdoor usage.

Roller blind K

In case of external use the roller is integrated into the facade. For operation, ALU profile or stainless steel braid guides are available. Zip Rollos are especially popular in the last years. This is a system where the ZIP closure is welded into fabric, guiding the material into the covered guides, all along the entire height. Zip system also works for large surfaces and gives added resistance in wind or bad weather. With the choice of the right color, you can integrate your ZIP shading perfectly into your facade.
For internal use, the roller is most commonly used without guides, particularly when shading large surfaces by way of an electric motor drive.
Square aluminium pipes of 75 mm, 85 mm and 110 mm in dimensions and a round cassette of 110 mm are available. For guidance of the roller, aluminium guides or stainless steel braid guides are available.