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Where every meal becomes a special occasion, and every gathering a cherished memory.

Elevate your outdoor space with innovative Soltec Outdoor Kitchens. Discover endless configurations, premium materials, and expert design with a 10-year warranty.

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­­Why Soltec Outdoor Kitchen?

Soltec Outdoor Kitchens boast expansive worktops for culinary adventures, featuring weatherproof materials, and high-quality equipment. Our sleek designs complement your outdoor space, transforming it into an extension of your home, perfect for crafting unforgettable moments.

20 mm high-density techincal stone worktop

Drip edge

Waterproof materials outside and inside

LED ambient lighting (optional)

Drawers with Blum soft-closing mechanisms

Multi-function mixer and sink

ALU/INOX handle

Gas or induction hob

A recipe for success

Design Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

Step 1: Models and Configurations

Forget limitations, unleash culinary creativity! Soltec redefines outdoor kitchens with a revolutionary approach: modularity. No longer confined to pre-set configurations, our Chef and Station models seamlessly blend, empowering you to craft a space as unique as your cooking style.

Choose from a variety of premium appliances, from gas cooktops to induction hobs, and don’t worry about limitations – you decide where they go. Our modular design empowers you to personalize the layout, tailoring it to your culinary style and preferences.

Mix, match, personalize – the possibilities are endless.

Chef Grand (3.0)

Size: 92cm x 70cm x 303cm (adjustable by +2cm)

Customization: Allows for complete freedom in arranging the sink, hob, and worktop. This flexibility offers the most personalization for any cooking style and preference.

Ideal for: Large gatherings and elaborate feasts due to its expansive size.

outdoor kitchen models

Chef Classic (2.1)

Size: 92cm x 70 cm x 213 cm (adjustable by +2cm)

Customization: Similar to the Grand, allows for flexible placement of the sink, hob, and worktop within its slightly smaller footprint.

Ideal for: Everyday cooking and intimate dinners, offering ample space while maintaining a more manageable size.

Station Compact (0.9)

Size: 67cm x 70 cm x 95 cm

Customization: place it left or right of the kitchen or use it independently.

Ideal for: those seeking a dedicated large grilling station with additional workspace.

Station Mini (0.6)

Size: 67cm x 70 cm x 65 cm

Customization: place it left or right of the kitchen or use it independently.

Ideal for: very small spaces or those who primarily need a dedicated grill base.

Step 2: Stone worktop

Explore a spectrum of colours and textures – from sleek, contemporary whites to earthy, natural tones – to craft a countertop that reflects your unique vision.


VK04 Grafite

GK07 Ceppo

TK06 Marmorio







Step 3: ALU composite cladding

Say goodbye to fading, chipping, and corrosion and embrace long-lasting beauty with ALU composite cladding. Unleash your design potential with a diverse palette of bold, modern hues or subtle, textured elegance. Choose yours and craft a kitchen that endures.

Platinum white RAL9003

Brushed aluminium

Metallic aluminium RAL 9006

Brushed aluminum Anthracite

Jet black RAL 9005

Brushed aluminum Gold

Brushed aluminum Copper

Step 4: Handles

We understand that even the smallest details contribute to the overall aesthetic of your dream kitchen. Opt for our brushed stainless-steel handles, adding a touch of enduring sophistication that never goes out of style. Choose from the vast spectrum of RAL colours to perfectly match your unique design vision, allowing your personality to shine through every detail.

Anthracite Grey RAL 7016FS

Aluminium Grey RAL 9007FS

Aluminium White RAL 9006FS

Traffic White RAL 9016FS

Brushed stainless steel (optional)

Step 5: Accessories

Accessories for your Soltec Outdoor Kitchen unlock your dream kitchen’s true potential. Boost efficiency, add comfort, and create a stunning backdrop for gatherings. It’s not just about cooking, it’s about igniting memories through connection, laughter, and sharing delicious meals. Food preparation becomes a vibrant hub for life, sparking memories that truly shine.

Blanco pull-out waste system with BLUM guides

Fridge (fridge capacity 104 l, freezer capacity 14 l)

LED Ambiental lighting under the stone worktop

Gas hob

Induction hob


Hidden sliding gas bottle holder

Electrical outlet box with outlet

Access for water and electricity connection on the back wall

Get a free quote & design your dream outdoor kitchen.

Why Soltec?


You can count on us. We honour our commitments and find solutions to challenges, ensuring everything runs smoothly.


We’re passionate about creating new and improved solutions. We learn and build with you, developing modern, functional products and bold, personalized solutions.


We continuously upgrade our skills and push boundaries. Each of us delivers high-quality work on time, guaranteeing products and services exceeding your expectations.


We build respectful relationships with employees and partners. We take personal responsibility for success, both individual and collective, fostering a strong team spirit to achieve shared goals.


We believe in honesty and transparency. We do what we say and stand by our clients, working together for optimal solutions. We trust ourselves, our colleagues, and our partners, resulting in a confident path to success.

soltec outdoor kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions

Soltec Outdoor Kitchens use weatherproof materials like ALU composite cladding for long-lasting durability and resistance to fading, chipping, and corrosion. Worktops come in a variety of durable technical stone options, allowing you to personalize the look and feel. To top it all off, choose handles from unique brushed stainless-steel or from aluminium in the entire RAL colour spectrum.

Yes! Soltec Outdoor Kitchen has 4 modular models: Chef Grand, Chef Classic, Station Compact, and Station Mini. These models allow you to mix and match components, choose appliance placement, and personalize the layout to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Soltec will connect you with our trusted installation team who will handle the entire process, ensuring your kitchen is set up professionally and safely.

The weatherproof materials and high-quality components are designed for easy cleaning and minimal maintenance. For different materials like stone worktops, specific care instructions are provided in the User manual.

Soltec offers a 10-year warranty on the on the entire construction, encompassing the durable ALU framework, weather-resistant stonework, and robust composite materials. The warranty on stone is activated upon purchase at

Financing options are available depending on your location. For Slovenia, we offer financing options provided by Leanpay.

Depending on their size or weight, portable grills or pizza ovens can be placed on the Station Compact, and Station Mini models. Contact Soltec directly to discuss specific customization options.

Prices vary depending on chosen models, configurations, appliances, and materials. The modular system allows you to design within your budget. Request a free quote for a personalized estimate.

  • Blanco pull-out waste system with BLUM guides
  • Fridge (fridge capacity 104 l, freezer capacity 14 l)
  • LED Ambiental lighting under the stone worktop
  • Gas hob
  • Induction hob
  • Cover
  • Hidden sliding gas bottle holder
  • Electrical outlet box with outlet
  • Access for water and electricity connection on the back wall
  • Durable, stain-resistant stone countertop for easy cleaning and long life.
  • Drip edge deflects spills, rain, and snow, keeping drawers dry.
  • Lightweight aluminium frame is weatherproof and adjustable for uneven surfaces.
  • Modern ALU cladding is stylish, resists wear, and offers easy cleaning.
  • Soft-closing drawers with hidden cladding protect utensils and promote hygiene.
  • Deep sink and modern mixer provide ample space and easy workflow.
  • Customizable handles and LED lighting enhance aesthetics and ambiance.
  • High-performance appliances blend functionality and design.
  • 10-year warranty ensures confidence in the kitchen’s quality and longevity.

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