World of Soltec pergola Agava.

Exceptional. Minimalistic. Made in Europe.

Wonderful moments full of happiness, in the embrace of your terrace.

Do you want to create an extra living space on your terrace? Do you want a shelter where you can drink your morning coffee while the sun’s rays gently caress your face? Looking for a safe playroom for the kids? Do you want an outdoor gathering space where you can enjoy time with friends? Maybe you are looking for an extra space to study, work, exercise? Or a cosy corner to relax in all seasons?


Welcome to the world of Soltec pergola Agava.

Shading specialists since 1998

Our products combine more than 20 years of experience in innovative shading solutions.

Developer and manufacturer of bioclimatic pergolas

Soltec pergolas are made in Slovenia, Europe.

Endless personalisation possibilities

Each Soltec bioclimatic pergola is made to your specifications and the dimensions of your terrace.

Waterproof roof

Patented waterproof slats guarantee (100%) waterproofing of the roof.

The most beautiful homes deserve more than just standard solutions.

That’s why at Soltec, we go to great lengths for every customer and every product. We are change makers, our passion is to create innovation. We create with you and for you. Soltec si the region’s leading manufacturer of premium bioclimatic pergolas. The Soltec bioclimatic pergola is entirely designed and manufactured in Slovenia. Every Soltec bioclimatic pergola is made to order, with you in mind from the beginning to the end of the process. Our bioclimatic pergolas have shaded and protected more than 5000 terraces worldwide!

Soltec pergolas are aesthetically perfected, with no visible joints or screws. They will blend in with your home in a minimalist way.

The only one on the market for large dimensions of bioclimatic pergolas.

Made from the most sustainable materials. Made from aluminium extruded materials, stainless steel parts and electronic components.

A wide range of additional accessories for even more comfort.

Protection from the sun


Regulation of temperature

Protection from rain, excess water channeling

Stability in wind

Protection from snow

What makes our pergolas really magical? Their super power to turn into almost anything you want.


With Soltec bioclimatic pergola Agava you will create a new outdoor space that will amaze you and that you will enjoy all year round. The bioclimatic pergola will provide pleasant shade on hot days, protect you from rain and wind, and even keep you warm in winter with the help of heaters.

Even more comfort with additional equipment

We offer a wide range of additional equipment. Want additional shade? Add aluminium or wood panels to the pergola. Want to read under the pergola in the evenings? Add LED lights integrated in the slats to provide brilliant light under the pergola. Would you like to control the pergola via your smartphone? No problem, download the app and you can control your pergola from anywhere in the world. Worried about the strong winds that are common in your area?

We’ll add a wind sensor to your pergola so you’ll always be worry-free. Do you have a beautiful sofa under your pergola that you don’t ever want to get soaked by the rain? Add a rain sensor and the pergola will automatically close in the event of rain. You’ll be protected from prying eyes from neighbours and mosquitoes with ZIP roller shutters, or they can also become a movie screen for your outdoor cinema. You can also add speakers. They quickly turn your pergola into a dance floor. Add glass panels and a heater and the pergola becomes an additional space that can be used in all seasons. You can now also order an additional electrical outlet on the pergola with 220V power or USB plug-in.

Additional equipment

OUR SPECIAL SOLUTION: Soltec bioclimatic pergola with Glassport!

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Pergola Agava Patent

Specially designed strips, a component of the Agava bioclimatic pergola, are manufactured from extruded aluminum, they are patented and protected with a patent no. SI 24401 A.

More about patent


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More than 5000 pergolas installed.
To this day we have installed more than 5000 pergolas.

Since 2012
First pergola Agava was installed and the lamella was patented.

25 countries
Our pergolas protect terraces in 25 countries.

Our customers trust us!


Greetings from Austria! Thank you very much for a very good installation yesterday. The installation team was very precise and careful in their work. Thank you for the whole process - we will definitely be happy to recommend your company!


The Soltec Agava proved to be the perfect solution for my terrace. All compliments for the design, the solution and above all for the professionalism of the whole team - from the first contacts to the demanding installation. Well done and thank you for the beautiful future moments under the pergola Agava!


We have Soltec pergola Agava since April 2021. What we like most about Soltec pergolas is that there are no visible screws, which other pergola providers have not offered us. We also like the fact that Soltec is a Slovenian manufacturer and we can get in touch with them as quickly as possible. We decided to go for a pergola with glass, which allows us to make the most of daylight even in the colder months. The service and product are 10/10 and I am happy to recommend you further!

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Bioclimatic pergola Agava
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The Bioclimatic pergola Agava is developed and produced in Slovenia, at Soltec, in Dobova. For over 20 years we have been developing and manufacturing our own modern blinds, dynamic facades and balconies. Since 2013, we have been developing and manufacturing bioclimatic pergolas. In 2020, we added to the Agava product line – Carport Agava!

Bioclimatic is a pergola whose roof consists of rotating aluminium blades that allow air to circulate in addition to regulating light. This creates a microclimate that is comfortable to stay under the pergola.

Waterproof roof blades that are made of extruded aluminium, rotate and allow opening, regulating shading and sun exposure. Blades are patented and protected by the patent SI 24401 A.

You will receive instructions for use and maintenance when purchasing the pergola. Basic cleaning of the product is recommended and should be performed as directed. Above all, it is very important that the gutter is passable, that the blades are cleaned and that there are no obstructions on the roof that could damage the blades when closed. Maintenance or annual service is performed only by an authorized person. After installation you will receive a warranty and user manual.

It is recommended that the blades are slightly closed in winter so that they do not adhere to each other when freezing. Different pergola models offer different load functionality according to pergola dimensions. This tells us whether the blades should be opened or closed. For Pergolas with lower functionality load we recommend opening the blades, thus preventing the accumulation of snow on the roof and consequently any possible injuries to the pergola. Pergola should be inspected regularly. If there are any visible changes and damage in the event of a frost, it is necessary to contact the company or an authorized distributor immediately.

When the blades are closed, the pergola does not allow water to pass through. In combination with EPDM rubber for external use and overlay profile of the blades we guarantee watertightness of the blades.

According to EN 13561, all Agava pergolas are certified for wind resistance in accordance with wind class 3 to 49 km / h. Our pergolas are designed to withstand even higher wind loads up to 120 km / h. However, it should be kept in mind that in this case the blades are always in the open position.
In the case of wind extremes, it is advisable to purchase a wind sensor that opens the blades in case of strong winds.

The pergola can be installed as a self-standing, but it can also be installed in a wall and then supported by two columns. Pergola can also be installed in an existing concrete constructions or a wooden or iron substructure. In this case poles are not necessary and we execute a custom made solution for the water exits.

Yes, the big advantage of the blades roof is that it is possible to regulate daylight by turning the blades. The sun rays always pass through the roof at an angle, allowing us to adjust the ideal light. That is why we no longer have problems with a distracting direct light. Side views can also be veiled by ZIP rolo shutters that let in less light or sliding panels that allow more daylight.

The Agava SL product line is made of aluminium construction and the Agava XL product line is made of steel construction. The blades are made of aluminium.

LED lights are integrated into the rotating blades. LED strips can be 0,5m to 1,5m long and with the options of adjusting the light intensity, you can optimize the brightness of your terrace, read a book, enjoy a dinner or an evening cup of tea,…

It depends on the spatial ordinance or directive of each municipality, so we recommend that you check it at the Administrative Unit. In principle, however, a building permit for such structures is not required.

We are very flexible with our system and we always find a suitable solution. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that because of the slopes on the building, we cannot offer our construction. In order to provide the perfect solution according to your terrace/balcony, we optimize the pergola installation.

In case that water is stuck in the blades for some obstacle or any other reason, this should not be a problem for the pergola and its functioning. However, if there is a suspicion that water is retained in the blades, the move of the bladess is done for approximately 15%. After this is carried out, all water must drain easily through the water channel in the blades into the drainage channel within 30 seconds.

Every blades has its own draing canal, water from the blades drains through the canals, integrated in the construction frame and through the integrated water canals in the construction poles.

We have 4 standard colors and more than 1400 additional RAL colour options.

Pergola can be heated with additional IR panels. One heater covers up to 15 m2. However, the construction itself is not tight, which means that it cannot be completely closed. The air is always circulating.

The pergola cannot be equated with the winter garden. Pergola has the function of a ventilated terrace, crates bioclimate and prevents overheating. With additional equipment it van be used whole year round.

Delivery & installation

The ordering process always starts with sending the request, which contains all the necessary information to make a formal offer. This is always followed by a telephone conversation, or you can also make an appointment in person at the company or at your home. After the last adjustments, the offer is confirmed with an advance payment. When ordering, 50% of the advance will be paid, the remaining 50% will be paid 5 days before installation.
If you come to us, you will also be able to see the sample pergola.

From the payment of the first advance, the production period is from 8 to 10 weeks. During the construction of the pergola, the installation date is also determined.

Installation lasts from six to eight hours, if standard. For more complex assemblies, it takes up to two working days.

You must have a concrete slab ready, or a suitable 40/40/80 cm concrete foundation for fixing our structure to the floor and an inlet for electricity.

Installation is shown separately on the offer and is not included in the price of the product itself.

Upon advance payment, that is, even before production, on-site measurements are made by qualified personnel.

First, a diagnosis is made to determine where the problem is and why the problem occurred. We then present it to you and let you know if it there are, for one reason or another, costs involved.

The exhibit can be seen at the Soltec company in Dobova upon prior announcement. Next to our production hall, we have showroom with 2 models, SL 160/28 and 240/36, with additional equipment. Welcome!

The Bioclimatic pergola Agava is manufactured according to EN standards.

The Bioclimatic pergola Agava has a 5-year construction warranty and 2 years warranty on electronic equipment and components.

When purchasing the Bioclimatic pergola Agava, you can choose from a wide variety of accessories.
We can incorporate LED lights into the rotating blades. You can adjust the brightness according to your preference or create the atmosphere of your choice.
The pergola can also be equipped with IR heaters, which allow you to enjoy under the pergola in cooler evenings.
Pergolas can also be fitted with rain and wind sensors. In the event of rain, the blades will automatically close and open in the event of wind.
The speakers can also be installed in the pergola, which you control via Bluetooth.

Yes, visual and additional solar protection is provided by the sliding panels. The accessory panels can be placed in a permanent position or moved according to the desired shade and ventilation. The most commonly used and recommended materials are wood and aluminium.

Yes, if you want to close the Bioclimatic pergola Agava elegantly while maintaining the view, glass panels are the perfect solution.

Vertical, electrically powered ZIP shutters are the perfect solution for protection against rain, wind and insects. They provide visual protection and additional shade.

Yes, Soltec company developes and manufactures sliding panels and ZIP rolo shades for a variety of use.

Made in Slovenia, EU, fully certified

In order to ensure optimal quality, the Soltec bioclimatic pergola Agava complies with the following Eurocode EN:

EN 1990 standards: Bases of constructions’ designs
EN 1991: Impacts on constructions
EN 1991-1-1: General impacts – Density, own weight, useful building ballasts
EN 1991-1-3: General impacts – Snow ballast
EN 1991-1-4: General impacts – Wind ballast
EN 1991-1-5: General impacts – Thermal impact
EN 1993: Designing steel constructions
EN 1998: Designing earthquake-resistant constructions
EN 1999: Designing aluminum constructions
EN 1090: Implementation of steel and aluminum constructions
EN 13561: External blinds. Required properties, including safety
EN 60335-1: Household and similar electric appliances – Safety – part 1
EN 60335-2-97: Household and similar electric appliances. Safety.