Sunbreaker F

Soltec’s sunbreakers F provide an affordable solution for a modern aesthetic appearance of the building and at the same time ensure protection against overheating and glare.

In winter, you can increase the natural illumination of the object by removing certain blades.

Examples of use:

  • the glass surfaces of industrial facilities,
  • building staircases,
  • roofings where ventilation is necessary,
  • outdoor fixed sunbreakers,
  • as an element of the façade and closing of roofing,
  • combined with a mosquito net

Subreaker F is the perfect solution where the ventilation of the façade, protection against wind, rain and snow are required.

Technical data

Installation of Sunbreakers F

Steel profile guides are fixed into a vertical construction or wall at a max. height of 120 cm, painted in RAL colours. 80 mm alu blades are fastened into guides at the 45º angle using a “click” system. A mosquito net can be fixed behind the guides.

Treatment of materials

Treatment of aluminium and steel materials:

  • the surface of aluminum is treated with RAL scale powder coating
  • colour type can be either sheen, matt or fine grain – microstructure
  • surface protection can also be ensured by anodising
  • the surface of the steel is hot-dip galvanized and, if necessary, powder coated


Sunbreaker F80

is made of a 0.42 mm thick rolled sheet, with 80 mm wide blades.

Sunbreaker F97

is made of a 0.7 mm thick rolled sheet, with 97 mm wide blades.

Sunbreaker F135

is made of extruded aluminium profile with dimensions of 100 mm, which uses a click fastening system for installation on a vertical aluminium holder. The system is suitable for vertical shading of glass façade surfaces.

Sunbreaker F150

is made of extruded aluminium profile with dimensions of 152 mm and is screw mounted into side guides. The system is suitable for vertical or horizontal applications.