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We always give great importance to reliability and durability in the development and manufacture of our products. No one knows our products as well as we do. With expert maintenance, we maximise their service life and replace them when necessary. Our goal is to offer you a tailor-made maintenance package.



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Price list for maintenance and servicing of Soltec products

Service and maintenance work is performed on the basis of a written order via an electronic form.
When ordering, please specify:

  • Product project number
  • Detailed description of the error or. defects
Regular maintenance service for one pergola or carport (Slovenia, Croatia) 259.00 eur / service + VAT
Service hours (Slovenia, Croatia) 49.00 eur / hour + VAT
Serviceman’s travel time (Slovenia, Croatia) 25.00 eur / hour + VAT
Mileage (Slovenia, Croatia) 0.49 eur / km + VAT


The regular annual maintenance service includes the following works:

  • inspection and control of operation,
  • inspection of mechanical parts,
  • inspection of electrical parts,
  • overview and setting of electronics functions,
  • gutter cleaning

The first working service hour is charged in full, regardless of the duration of the intervention. Additionally, the used material is charged according to the inventory and the currently valid price list. The procurement of the necessary spare parts and consumables is the responsibility of the contractor, the payer of spare parts, and after the expiration of the warranty period and consumables for individual devices, the contracting authority is responsible. When performing major intervention and regular works (replacement of defective parts), the contracting authority will confirm the value of these works in advance according to the contractor’s estimate. The Contractor will issue an invoice for each performed maintenance intervention on the basis of the actual costs, the submitted work order or the installed material, signed by the Client and the valid price list of the Contractor. All payments and orders are subject to the general terms and conditions of SOLTEC d.o.o., which are publicly available at general terms.