Reflection of contemporary architecture.

Sliding-folding-lifting shutters

Sliding, folding, lifting shutters are a reflection of contemporary architecture and an important element in aesthetic design of buildings. They offer many possibilities, from using different colors and materials, to obscuring or accentuating the line between glass and facade.

The shutters offer effective protection against overheating of the building, as they prevent the transfer of the sun’s heat into the interior. The transparency of the shutters is subject to the use of different fillers. They are resistant to wind loads and offer a high level of protection against burglary. Therefore, they are often used on buildings where protection against intrusion is particularly important.

Technical data

Manual or motor drive
In the case of motor drive, an additional component is a toothed belt motor drive.

Invisible part of the façade
In the case of a motor drive, a motor-driven by toothed belt is also a component.

Aluminium shutters can be powder coated in all RAL chart colours. You can choose between matte, glossy or structural finish.

The maximum dimensions for sliding shutters are 1200 x 3000 mm, and 600 x 3000 mm for folding shutters.

Aluminium shutters can be powder coated to any RAL color, you can choose between matte, glossy or structured paint.

Extra weight
The guides are made of steel and galvanized. Castors and brackets are made of a special aluminum alloy and steel.


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