Pergola Agava SL 170/36

New dimensions of living with:

AGAVA SL 170/36

A strong model that can carry all the extra equipment and reaches dimensions of 4500 x 7000mm.

Own production
Through our own development and production, we create state-of-the-art products. We use stainless steel, high-quality metal and aluminium.

Technological perfection
This modular design provides different technological solutions that have been tailored to perfection: invisible joints, integral lighting, hidden grooves for drainage.

Modern pergola designs
The minimalist design of this pergola completes your outside space, adding a sense of modernity and allowing it to blend with the environment.

Full protection
This innovative design and solid construction provide outside protection against rain, snow and sunshine, as well as stability in windy conditions.

Technical details

Rotating slat L 200/36
Profile 170/120
Pillars 120/120
Maximum size – 1 module 4.5 x 7 m
Installation – 4 pillars freestanding edition
Installation – up to 3 pillars wall edition
Type of stand (xy side) indoor/outdoor
Groove for water drainage (xy side) standard/optional
No. of water drainage grooves 2
Motorisation 1 engine / 2 engines

Even more comfort with additional equipment

The modular design allows for numerous additional options. Adjusted sizes, wide range of colours, side ZIP blinds and sliding panels in various versions, glass walls, installed lights, heating, music.

Soltec bioklimatska pergola dodatna oprema

Check also other options available based on unique personal configurations of the innovative Agava pergola.

Additional equipment

Made in Slovenia, EU, fully certified

In order to ensure optimal quality, the Soltec bioclimatic pergola Agava complies with the following Eurocode EN:

EN 1990 standards: Bases of constructions’ designs
EN 1991: Impacts on constructions
EN 1991-1-1: General impacts – Density, own weight, useful building ballasts
EN 1991-1-3: General impacts – Snow ballast
EN 1991-1-4: General impacts – Wind ballast
EN 1991-1-5: General impacts – Thermal impact
EN 1993: Designing steel constructions
EN 1998: Designing earthquake-resistant constructions
EN 1999: Designing aluminum constructions
EN 1090: Implementation of steel and aluminum constructions
EN 13561: External blinds. Required properties, including safety
EN 60335-1: Household and similar electric appliances – Safety – part 1
EN 60335-2-97: Household and similar electric appliances. Safety.