Fram, Slovenia – Pergola for home

Soltec bioclimatic pergola mounted in a concrete frame, wothout pillars. 

The client had a concrete frame with polycarbonate panels on top as shading. Unfortunately, the terrace underneath them was very overheated and it was impossible to sit underneath them even in weak sunshine, let alone in summer. But we fixed the bioclimatic pergola in a concrete base and now the family enjoys the terrace even in strong sun and rain.

Marko and Sabrina said about Soltec bioclimatic pergola Agava:” Pergola is perfect and we are really very satisfied!”

See how the family enjoys the terrace in the video and pictures below.

SL 170/28

Pergola model suitable for covering areas up to 4000 x 7000 mm.

Type 0

A type of pergola without pillars, mounted in an existing frame of the canopy.

Special drainage

Special drainage as the pergola has no pillars.

Rain sensor

Rain sensor that automatically closes the pergola in case of rain.

LED lights

Integrated LED lights in warm white colour, 1000 mm long.