Ljubljana, Slovenia – Bioclimatic pergola for kindergarden

Soltec bioclimatic pergola for kindergarden.

A kindergarten in the centre of the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, has a terrace at the top. Because the terrace is at the top of the building, weather conditions there can be particularly unpredictable, and it doesn’t offer any shade. It’s especially important for young children to be protected from the strong rays of the sun when they play at the terrace. At Soltec, we’ve solved 2 problems with 8 pergola modules:

  • the children are protected from the sun in the summer,
  • in the winter months, they still get plenty of light in the indoor playroom.

Children are protected from the sun in summer and still have plenty of light in the indoor playroom during the winter months.

SL 170/36

A stronger pergola model

8 modules

Several modules to cover a large terrace

Protection and light

Light in winter, shade in summer