Arrau, Switzerland – Project Autopark, The biggest bioclimatic pergola in Europe


The biggest bioclimatic Pergola in Europe

For our client – car dealership company in Switzerland, we made the biggest bioclimatic pergola in Europe.

Our customer first wanted a fixed canopy, but he didn’t want his cars to always be in the shade. Because that way he wouldn`t be able to present them to the costumers in the best way possible. He was looking for a solution that would give his cars safety when he needed it and a lot of light when he wanted it. Solution was Soltec. Our team of experts has taken on the project and designed the largest bioclimatic pergola in Europe.

Soltec bioclimatic pergola is fully automatic and the blades rotate according to the position of the sun. It also has sensors for rain and wind, so the costumer never has to worry, as the blades open and close automatically, according to the weather.

We have completed the project from concept to design, structural engineering, manufacturing and installation.

Pergola is 1.300m2 big

It has 2.350 blades

It weights 38 tons

Its fixated on only 19 poles

Has 100 integrated LED lights

Is driven by 106 motors