A dynamic façade for the challenges of the seaside environment – a well-thought-out solution for the Blu Mare Hotelitev za hotel Blu Mare

At Soltec, we are proud of the Blu Mare’s dynamic façade. Our BM sliding panels are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offer a range of functional benefits:


Comfort: sunlight regulation allows pleasant living all year round. The panels protect against wind, noise and allow privacy.
Functionality: the panels are resistant to strong winds (up to 160 km/h) and are easy to operate manually.
Aesthetics: the modern design fits in with the architecture of the old town and is reminiscent of traditional Istrian shutters.
Collaboration with the architects Randić i suradnici /Atelier West has allowed us to create an innovative solution that offers a solution to the challenges of modern construction in a seaside environment, while creating a unique and comfortable living experience.


The Blu Mare project is another example of how Soltec creates unique spaces for its clients that combine beauty, comfort and sustainability.

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