Hinged push up panels by Soltec

They combine many functions of use: shading, shielding, increase in usable space, protection from rain and snow.

They offer numerous possibilities for the use of various colours and materials, which can be utilised to blur or emphasise the boundaries between the glass and the facade. The panels provide the building with effective protection against overheating by preventing solar heat from passing into the building. The transparency of the panels depends on which fillings are used. They are resistant to wind and provide a high level of protection against burglary, so they are often used on buildings where this is especially important.

The structure of hinged push up panels consists of various aluminium profiles and guide rails. It is then completed with materials such as aluminium lamellas of varying shapes and sizes, wooden lamellas of varying shapes and sizes, full or perforated aluminium sheets with patterns according to the wishes of the client.