The Agava carport – shield and protects your vehicle from unwanted weather conditions

The Agava carport is distinguished by its aesthetically perfect appearance, easy maintenance and long durability.

Agava carport from Soltec is a modern solution for protecting your car from adverse weather conditions. Iz shields your vehicle from external influences:

  • Protection against hail, frost, wind
  • Rain protection, water drainage
  • Protection against snow, rain, scorching sun

The carport can be ordered in different dimensions and layouts. We offer different carport ideas and designs. This way, we achieve a balance between technological perfection, comfort and an aesthetic contribution to your home..

It will perform its function perfectly, even if we add a shed to it. When we want a complete and elegant solution, we connect the parking lot with a convenient storage room – BOX, combining two functionalities. Tools, bicycles, garden and work equipment are stored in the shed while the vehicle is safely parked and protected from adverse weather conditions.

The Agava carport is much more than a functional addition to your home, and it adds value to your home.

Quality construction is made in accordance with Eurocode standards and provides a high level of resistance. Like Soltec’s Agava pergolas, the Agava carport offers:

  • Strong reinforcement of the frame at a 45 °
  • Invisible screw fixings
  • High performance of solid profiles
  • All standard parts and screws, both from stainless steel

Models include:

Carport SL 170 for 1 car

Carport + BOX SL 170 for 1 car

Carport SL 240 for 2 cars

Carport + BOX SL 240 for 2 cars