Premium protection. High quality. Timeless design.

Supreme safety for your car.

Your vehicle is safe

You’re home, you can relax. You’ve just parked your car under the Soltec Carport, which offers premium protection. The construction is strong, made of reliable and durable materials – aluminium and inox. On the roof are high-quality insulated panels, with Siberian larch wood panels on the sides, for even more protection. You’ve just returned from a gym session, so you leave your equipment safely in the box. You go into the house calm in the knowledge that your belongings are safe – under the Soltec Carport.

Manufacturer of premium Carports

What makes Soltec Carport so special?

Made to order, just for you

Made in Europe

Fully certified

Made of high quality and durable materials

beautiful modern house with a garden. 3d rendering

Carport for 1 car or Carport for 2 cars. With or without box. With or without side panels. With or without LED lights. We have a solution for you.
Carport that impresses with its high quality and timeless design.

High quality insulated panels on the roof

Box – additional storage space

Easy to maintain

Long life span


Soltec Carport is made from top-quality materials and it makes an outstanding protection for your car.

Protection from the sun

Rain protection, redirection of excess water

Wind resistance

Snow protection

Personalised comfort

Soltec Carport Agava fits in with any architecture with its minimalist design, completely free of visible screws and joints. Thanks to the carefully selected materials from which it is built, it will perform its function for many years. The Soltec Carport can be fully customised to your wishes and needs.

Need a Carport for 2 cars? Would you like to add a box? Or just additional panels for more protection? Need LED lights to brighten up the space under the Carport?

No problem, because each of our products is made to order with you and just for you. With Soltec Carport, your car will receive superb protection.

The perfect solution

With Soltec Carport, we combine the combination of car park and storage to create a winning solution. Tools, bicycles, garden and work equipment are stored in the box, while the vehicle is safely parked and protected from harmful weather conditions.

Numerous carport designs and plans





Carport structure – standard colours

Anthracite grey
RAL 7016
Finish: Matt
Surface: Smooth

White aluminum
RAL 9006
Finish: Gloss
Surface: Smooth

Traffic White
RAL 9016
Finish: Matt
Surface: Smooth

DB 703
Finish: Matt
Surface: Microstructure

Roof – standard colours

Grey White RAL 9002 + Grey White RAL 9002
Finish: Matt
Surface: Smooth

Aluminium Grey RAL 9006 + Grey White RAL 9002
Finish: Matt
Surface: Smooth

Antracite Grey RAL 7016 + Grey White RAL 9002
Finish: Matt
Surface: Smooth

Carport & Solar Pack

Elevate your Soltec carport beyond mere protection with our innovative solar package. This revolutionary addition transforms your carport into a self-sufficient charging station, empowering you to harness the sun’s energy and fuel your electric vehicle with clean, renewable power.

Our solar pack seamlessly integrates with your existing carport, featuring high-performance solar panels, a sophisticated charging station, and a state-of-the-art battery system. With this cutting-edge technology, you can:

  • Generate your own electricity, reducing your reliance on the grid and minimizing your carbon footprint.
  • Power your electric vehicle with clean, sustainable energy, ensuring a truly eco-friendly driving experience.
  • Achieve energy independence and take control of your energy costs.

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