Elegance and Functionality

Soltec Glassport – the glass canopy

Soltec’s Glassport, a glass canopy, brings together elegance and functionality. Why stand in the rain when you can unlock the doors and step out in style, all while staying dry? This glass canopy for entrance doors adds a modern touch to your home while providing protection from the weather, without compromising on natural light. It’s perfect for locations with limited sunlight or those facing north. Beyond protecting your entrance, the Glassport can be used for various purposes. Install it over your terrace to create more space and enjoy ample natural light for all your outdoor activities.

Why Choose Soltec Glassport?

Maximum light

Custom-made and versatile

Elegant and modern addition to your home

Built to last and backed by reliable technical assistance

Glassport nad vhodnimi vrati
Glassport kot nadkritje poti okoli hiše

Soltec Glassport provides reliable protection from rain, hail, and snow, ensuring carefree enjoyment of outdoor spaces. Each Glassport is uniquely designed for its geographic location, with glass thickness and other technical features adjusted accordingly. Depending on environmental requirements, Soltec Glassport can withstand snow loads from 60 to 120 kg per m².

Despite its strength and durability, the glass canopy for entrance doors maintains a light and elegant appearance. Even larger glass canopies over terraces seamlessly blend into the surroundings. Soltec Glassport stands out with clean lines that perfectly complement various architectural styles. Its minimalist design allows unobstructed views of the sky, providing a sense of freedom and connection to the environment. Made of painted or stainless steel with hidden joints, it ensures long-lasting durability. The glass canopy also features concealed drainage for rainwater.

Soltec Glassport – How to install the glass canopy

Glassport tip 1

4 pillars allow independent installation, irrespective of the building structure.

Glassport tip 2

Multiple pillars enable a larger covered area and higher roof load capacity.

Glassport tip 3

4 pillars offer increased load capacity, and when mounted on the wall, provide additional weather protection.

Glassport tip 4

2 pillars and wall installation create a shelter with slightly more space underneath.

Soltec Glassport & bioclimatic pergola

The Soltec Glassport canopy is incredibly versatile and can be easily installed above entrance doors or terraces.

The glass canopy for entrance doors is a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to homes or commercial buildings, providing independent protection against the weather.

When combined with Soltec pergola or Carport, glass canopy for terraces creates a perfect synergy, expanding your outdoor living space and introducing more natural light into the building.

Soltec Glassport, serving as a connecting element between the house and the bioclimatic pergola, allows more natural light to enter the living space.

To select the right Soltec pergola model and combine it with Soltec Glassport, we need the following information:

  • Terrace dimensions (width x length)
  • A photograph of the terrace to determine the type of pergola
  • Installation location to accurately assess measurement, transportation, and installation costs

Soltec Glassport creates an eave, seamlessly connected to a bioclimatic pergola on the terrace.

Soltec Glassport, serving as a connecting element between the house and the bioclimatic pergola, allows more natural light to enter the living space.

Glassport – A glass canopy tailored just for you

Similar to the bioclimatic pergola, Soltec Glassport offers numerous options to express your style outside your home. With a wide range of possibilities, the glass canopy perfectly adapts to all your desires and your home’s architecture. Whether you prefer a modern minimalist look or a more classic design, Soltec Glassport allows you to create an elegant and thoughtful outdoor space that will attract attention and become a true expression of your individuality.

Soltec Glassport provides you with multiple options to express your style:

  • Four standard colours
  • Additional 1600 colours from the RAL colour chart
  • LED lights
  • Various roofing materials alongside glass
  • Painted or stainless steel options
  • Fully customised design
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Different types of fillings, technical drawings, and tables.

Glass Roof

Glass Roof will let in lots of light. It is therefore the perfect canopy for places where there is less light or for north-facing locations.

Beam 145/50
Glass thickness depends on the load capacity.

Aluminum Sheet Roof

If you want a roof with aluminium filling, you can find it here at Soltec.

Beam 100/50

Custom Roof

Do you have your own idea of what kind of roof you would put on Glassport? No problem, you can choose the filler of your choice.

Beam 145/50
Client takes responsibility for the filler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Soltec Glassport is a glass canopy that seamlessly integrates with any architectural style. It can be used above entrance doors or in combination with a bioclimatic pergola or Carport.

Soltec Glassport is custom-made just for you, easy to maintain, manufactured in Slovenia, and has a long lifespan.

Yes, there are different sizes of glass canopies. The size depends on your needs and desires, as well as the size of your terrace or entrance.

Soltec Glassport canopies can have two or four pillars. They can stand independently or be wall-mounted.

Yes, Soltec Glassport has an exceptionally strong structure. The dimensions of the pillars, profiles, and fillings are adjusted according to the specific location’s conditions (rainfall, wind, etc.).

Yes, there are different types of roof fillings for Soltec Glassport, such as glass, aluminium sheet roof, or customised fillings.

You can add a Soltec Glassport canopy between the pergola and the wall, allowing more light to enter the interior while providing protection from the weather.

No, Soltec Glassport, like other Soltec products, has built-in hidden drainage, eliminating the need for additional gutters.