Miloš Winery: Upgrading a Modern Hospitality and Tourism Facility for More Living Comfort on the Terrace

Miloš Winery: Upgrading a Modern Hospitality and Tourism Facility for More Living Comfort on the Terrace

In the picturesque village of Ponikve on the Pelješac Peninsula, the Miloš family faced a unique challenge: how to create a winery that combines over half a century of organic wine production tradition with the demands of the modern visitor, who expects a high level of comfort. The key request from the client was to transform the upper terrace into a more functional space. This meant creating an area that would provide high living comfort without overheating, enough indirect light without glare, proper ventilation, and a pleasant environment even on rainy and windy days. Additionally, the solution had to be integrated into the existing structure.

Meeting all the client’s requirements was essential for the continued success of tourism on this organic estate.

Blending Tradition and Modernity

The new Miloš Winery building, completed in 2022, spans over 1,000 square meters and is a true architectural gem built into live rock, providing ideal conditions for wine aging. The interiors are carefully designed, incorporating both traditional and modern solutions for efficient wine production and storage. Similarly, the exterior of the winery blends local stone and wood with modern architectural elements of steel.

The most notable feature of the exterior is the second-floor terrace, an extension of the restaurant. To allow guests to enjoy tastings and the stunning view, the investor wanted to add a canopy to the existing impressive steel structure to provide protection from heat and rain. This canopy needed to let light into the interior spaces and blend seamlessly with the building’s architecture. The strong sun and wind significantly affect this location, making open terraces without effective sun protection, which must also be stable in strong winds, unusable. Fixed canopies or fabric shades did not meet all the criteria, so the Miloš family sought a suitable solution for a long time.

More Than Just a Bioclimatic Pergola

For Miloš Winery, we designed and built a bioclimatic pergola, now elegantly integrated above the existing terrace structure. We followed the shapes of the existing construction and installed five modules parallelly, appearing as one while each operates independently, providing greater control over creating perfect comfort for guests.

Special attention was given to the different heights of the existing substructure and wall fixation. Due to drainage requirements, a slope was necessary, meaning the pergola’s connection to the wall is not at a typical 90-degree angle. Our engineering team provided an elegant solution that is barely noticeable when looking up and ensured that, despite the non-standard wall connection, the pergola seals perfectly.

Installing pergolas on the architectural steel structure was a particular challenge because the construction tolerances were not within the pergola’s tolerances. Therefore, our engineers first prepared a suitable and aesthetic solution, created plans approved by the client before production.

We implemented the solution with special stainless steel exchange plates integrated between the steel structure and the pergola, aligning mutual tolerances. This solution is designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 150 km/h.

The pergola ensures complete control over light and shade, waterproof terrace roofing, optimal lighting, and an aesthetically refined solution in minimalist beige (RAL 1013 FS), matching the building’s overall color.

The new Miloš Winery is not just a place for wine production but also an example of architecture and technological solutions that combine tradition and innovation. The project of covering the upper terrace demonstrates how Soltec’s innovative solutions can complement modern architecture and enhance the space’s functionality. The client received an architectural solution with a high level of living comfort, without overheating, enough indirect light, and no glare. The bioclimatic pergola transformed the open terrace into a pleasant space suitable for all weather conditions.

“We are extremely satisfied. It looks even better in person and is truly impressive. The installers did an excellent job. It was complicated, but they did everything perfectly. We are really thrilled with everything. Thank you and the whole team for a great job. We are very happy to have had the opportunity to work with you.”

— The Miloš Family

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The main goal was to enhance the upper terrace to provide high living comfort without overheating, ensure sufficient indirect light without glare, and maintain a pleasant atmosphere in all weather conditions, while seamlessly integrating into the existing structure.

The bioclimatic pergola offers optimal control over light and shade, provides waterproof protection, and ensures ventilation, making the terrace usable and comfortable in various weather conditions. It aesthetically integrates with the existing architecture.

The pergola and terrace design combine traditional materials like local stone and wood with modern steel elements. The pergola itself is made of durable, weather-resistant materials and is designed to blend seamlessly with the existing structure.

The main challenges included accommodating different heights of the existing substructure, ensuring proper drainage with a non-standard wall connection, and aligning the pergola with the steel structure’s tolerances. These challenges were overcome with innovative engineering solutions.

The pergola is designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 150 km/h, ensuring stability and durability in harsh weather conditions. Special stainless steel plates were used to integrate the pergola with the existing steel structure, providing additional strength and resilience.