Summer paradise in Graz

Celje, Slovenia

Holiday home in Krk

Linz, Austria: pergola in a penthouse apartment

We designed a custom pergola for a penthouse apartment in Linz, Austria.

The pergola needed to be strong, top-quality, and luxurious to match the apartment’s feel. Our team installed zip rolos, a water drainage system, and sensors for safety.

The pergola can be remote controlled and includes a heater for cooler days. The end result is a stunning and convenient addition to the outdoor living space, meeting all the client’s needs.

Vienna, Austria – Full shading with ZIP rollos

We designed and installed a custom pergola for a client in Austria who wanted shade and protection without sacrificing style.

Our solution included a zip rolo, three pillars, and a side house, providing the perfect amount of shade and natural light. The pergola complements the landscape and exceeds the client’s expectations, creating a beautiful and functional space.

Hengsberg, Austria: pergola for an architect

Geometry of life

We proudly share our latest project where the client wanted to extend their living room with a beautiful pergola for the upcoming spring season. The client was very particular about aesthetics, and we applaud them for planning ahead and having excellent design taste. We added shading with zip rollos for extra protection, ensuring that the pergola can be enjoyed from April to November. The location of the project was in Hengsberg, Austria.

Pergola in Poland: a fairytale terrace for the family


We were thrilled to work with a client who wanted to extend their living space to create a magical tea-making oasis. The client’s vision was to create a fairytale-like setting, and we were more than up to the challenge. Our team designed a beautiful pergola with glass that could be used in all seasons, including winter.

We take great pride in the fact that the client chose us to bring their fairytale dream to life. Our team worked tirelessly to create a space that is both functional and enchanting, ensuring that the client could enjoy their tea-making and living space in style. The project is located in Poland, and we were delighted to work with such a wonderful client.

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