Ljubljana, Slovenia – Pergola with glass for home + balcony

Complete solution: Soltec bioclimatic pergola with glass, balcony and substructure.

Introducing the Soltec bioclimatic pergola with glass and balcony railing.

The terraced house in Ljubljana had only an exit to the garden and no terrace. The young family was looking for an all-in-one solution – a terrace with safety railings and a retractable roof that would offer maximum light in the house.

At Soltec, we designed a complete terrace for the family and met all their requirements: we built the substructure of the terrace and added balcony railings and a bioclimatic pergola with glass. The pergola, which also has a section covered with glass in addition to the blades, allows maximum light efficiency even when the blades are closed. This is a perfect solution for not only light but also heat transmission during the colder months. At Soltec, our integrated solution has provided the family with a safe terrace in the heart of the city, allowing them to enjoy and relax in any weather or season.


Balcony railings

Bioclimatic pergola with glass

Andrea, owner of the house: “Our terrace was useless before the installation of the terrace and the bioclimatic pergola, because it always got too much sun and there was no canopy to protect us in bad weather. We did not want a “classic” canopy, as we were concerned about the poor light efficiency in the apartment due to the smaller windows. We chose Soltec because they were the only company on the market that offered a bioclimatic pergola solution with glass. From the beginning to the end of the purchase process, they handled the whole process professionally, adapting to our wishes and requirements as much as possible. I am happy to recommend them further.”