Innovative Soltec Mounting Systems for Solar Panels

Soltec podkonstrukcija za solarne panele

The Future of Roof Solar Panel Installations

We are announcing the launch of our innovative mounting systems for solar panels. With a decade of experience in processing aluminium profiles, we have identified market needs and responded with a product that exceeds expectations due to its outstanding features and advantages:

Why Choose Soltec Mounting Systems for Solar Panels?

  • High Wind and Snow Resistance: Innovative component geometry ensures exceptional wind resistance, enabling greater strength compared to other products on the market. This is our response to the changing weather conditions we have witnessed recently.
  • Long-lasting Durability: Our systems are made from high-quality non-corrosive materials, such as aluminium and stainless steel (inox), ensuring a long lifespan.
  • Efficient Installation: The systems are designed to allow easy height and width adjustments, enabling quick installation. In tests, our system has proven to be 12–18% faster than other commonly used systems.
  • Modular and Standardized Components: Components can be obtained pre-assembled in sets or individually, facilitating easy handling. Individual elements are standardized and suitable for various projects, reducing costs and enabling optimal storage.
  • 10-Year Product Warranty: We stand behind the quality and reliability of our product with a 10-year warranty, ensuring the long-term efficiency and success of your project.
  • Sets and Individual Components in Stock: Reduce project lead time and optimize your inventory.

Soltec is a company that listens to market needs and can immediately respond with its own development team. This keeps us ahead of the challenges brought by changes in the business and natural environment. Our mounting systems for solar panels are the result of a decade of experience, regular testing, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. Three types of our most popular substructures, FV1, boast load capacities of 200-240-290 kg/hook. This proves that we can create aluminium components that are stronger than stainless steel (inox), while also being lighter and more cost-effective.

Choose Soltec for unparalleled efficiency in solar panel installation. Join us on the journey toward the future of roof solar panel installations.

New sales and marketing director

From 1st of June 2023, Soltec reinforced its organization to support its long-term growth and development strategy of the company with bringing customer experience on a higher level, reinforcing cooperation and long-term partnership with its partners.

To support those long-term goals, Soltec appointed Marko Plazar as a new Sales and Marketing director with 1st of June 2023.

Marko Plazar is experienced manager with proven track record in the field of management and international sales, spending last few years with Adria Mobil d.o.o., Slovenia as sales director and with Adria Benelux B.V., Netherlands as managing director. His wide experience and knowledge will help to the business growth of Soltec and its business partners. As Marko Plazar said:” I strongly believe that great business can be done by the people, based on trust and common values. With that we can achieve ultimate goal of bringing the added value to our clients and consumers. I am looking forward to be part of future Soltec story”.

Marko Plazar and Mirko Požar

Together with Mirko Požar, Soltec’s CEO, they will represent new management team of the company. As Mirko Požar stated:” My ambition, as owner and CEO, is to grow the company in the way that we always put customers at the center of our operations. With Marko joining our organization, we will gain new competences and experiences to accelerate the business with the same customer-oriented philosophy in mind”.


Šumi Project Overview


In 1876, Josipina Schumi set out on a sweet endeavor, crafting artisan confections in a modest workshop. After the ravages of World War I, her legacy was carried on by Mr. Dragutin Hribar, who breathed new life into the factory, earning it a reputation as one of the finest sweet makers in the land.

After the turbulent World War II, a new chapter began for this building. Out of the ruins, the famous Šumi Pub was born. The pub became a haven for free-spirited artists and intellectuals, a place where creative souls could meet, share ideas, and bask in each other’s company. It was frequented by some of the most distinguished musicians, journalists, and theater actors in all of Slovenia.

The Challenges of the Architecture

Today, the Šumi Centre stands as a testament to this rich heritage, an invitation to become a part of its next chapter where the sweet aroma of the past mingles with the creative energy of the present.

The first plans for this new building were drawn up as early as 1996 by the famous architect Boris Podrecca. It features large windows strewn among concrete facade elements. Not to interfere with the overall look of the entire building, very subtle shading for the windows needed to be installed.

The Soltec Solution

To provide thermal and living comfort, we have chosen subtle roller blinds with a minimalist aesthetics. The essential component of the roller blinds is a thermal fiberglass fabric, which provides over 90% protection against overheating while still remaining transparent and not blocking the view of the surroundings.

For this purpose we have developed 2 types of roller blinds:

Roller blinds on the exterior facades are technically demanding because they are integrated between the concrete wall of the building and the prefabricated concrete facade elements. Due to different distances between the walls and the facade panels, we had to custom-make all masks for each window. These roller blinds are made in ZIP technology, which indicates that there is a zipper welded onto the fabric, which slides in a special guide and keeps the fabric taut.

Roller blinds on atrium facades are minimalist and guided by stainless steel braids, attached directly to the aluminum facade and used for vertical balcony shading.

Soltec large size lifting panels

Soltec Lifting Dynamic facades solutions ensure hight living confort and security for your client. Based on the architect’s requirements Sotlec developed, produced and installed LARGE SIZE LIFTING PANELS – custom project for BNP Bank in Paris. Click here to see the project BNP Bank Paris – Lifting panels by Soltec.
To meet the architect’s idea, we developed large-size lifting panels, on which is installed a glass façade system. The maximum dimension of the panels is 5000 x 4000 mm. The panels are made in 2 versions – vertical and inclined, at an angle of 30%. The whole system of lifting panels is electronically controlled and can also be connected to the building’s smart installations.


In Paris, we have completed a wonderful project P 13 – 260 pieces of FOLDING PANELS .

Based on requirements, we first made a prototype for the client, which was harmonized with all technical requirements, and the result is a perfectly completed project!


We completed a wonderful project with lifting and sliding panels in France.

With lifting panels, we have created a great dynamic facade , which offers a different look of the building at all times.

Truly a very special project!

The Agava carport – shield and protects your vehicle from unwanted weather conditions

The Agava carport is distinguished by its aesthetically perfect appearance, easy maintenance and long durability.

Agava carport from Soltec is a modern solution for protecting your car from adverse weather conditions. Iz shields your vehicle from external influences:

  • Protection against hail, frost, wind
  • Rain protection, water drainage
  • Protection against snow, rain, scorching sun

The carport can be ordered in different dimensions and layouts. We offer different carport ideas and designs. This way, we achieve a balance between technological perfection, comfort and an aesthetic contribution to your home..

It will perform its function perfectly, even if we add a shed to it. When we want a complete and elegant solution, we connect the parking lot with a convenient storage room – BOX, combining two functionalities. Tools, bicycles, garden and work equipment are stored in the shed while the vehicle is safely parked and protected from adverse weather conditions.

The Agava carport is much more than a functional addition to your home, and it adds value to your home.

Quality construction is made in accordance with Eurocode standards and provides a high level of resistance. Like Soltec’s Agava pergolas, the Agava carport offers:

  • Strong reinforcement of the frame at a 45 °
  • Invisible screw fixings
  • High performance of solid profiles
  • All standard parts and screws, both from stainless steel

Models include:

Carport SL 170 for 1 car

Carport + BOX SL 170 for 1 car

Carport SL 240 for 2 cars

Carport + BOX SL 240 for 2 cars



SITUATION BEFORE: An existing metal construction on the terrace. into which the sails were fixed, but which did not serve their purpose.
SITUATION NOW: We have installed a bioclimatic roof in the existing construction. The hotel now has a great bioclimatic terrace, which offers 40 additional seats.